Scuba Libre offers you a range of exiting snorkeling excursions along the Riviera Maya.

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picture of snorkeling with Scuba Libre in Playa del Carmen

Ocean Snorkeling

picture of Ocean Snorkeling with Scuba Libre

Visit pristine reefs and beaches on our daily guided snorkeling trips leaving right off the beach.
We start with a 20 minute, scenic boat ride to the barrier reef of Punta Maroma. Here, you will snorkel under the supervision of your guide, seeing barracuda's, moray eels, rays, needle fish, many colourful tropical fish, and much, much more.
After having spent 45 minutes in the water, we will take you to the beautiful, white sandy beach of Punta Maroma for some sun, sand and relaxation before we head back to Playa del Carmen.

8:30 to 11:00
11:00 to 13:30
13:30 to 15:30

Tour Vereda - ATV & Cenote Snorkeling

picture of ATV tour with Scuba Libre

Combine amazing Cavern snorkeling with an ATV adventure on our daily Tour Vereda.

Leaving from the Dive Center at 7:50 we will make our way by van to the entrance of the famous Dos Ojos Caverns. Here, we will get ready for an amazing one and a half hour ATV ride through the dense Mayan jungle until arriving to the first semi dry cavern.
After exploring the caverns and enjoying the beautiful rock formations, we continue by ATV to the next cavern where we spend 45 minutes snorkeling in crystal clear water amongst huge stalactites and stalagmites.
On the way back to the entrance we stop in a Mayan village to enjoy a snack, before returning to Playa del Carmen at about 14:00 pm.

7:50 to 14:00

Cenote Snorkeling

picture of Cenotes snorkeling with Scuba Libre

The Riviera Maya is home to the largest underground river system in the world.
Thousands of years ago this underground river system hollowed out huge underwater caves and created amazing rock formations. As the caves grew larger some of them started to collapse and gateways to the river system were opened. These sinkholes are called Cenotes.

Our daily Cenote snorkeling trips depart from the dive center, taking you to Cenotes like the famous Dos Ojos (Two Eyes) or Chac-Mool. Passing through the dense Mayan jungle we make our way to the first site where the snorkeling adventure begins.

Between the two snorkeling sessions we will have a light lunch and we will be back to Playa del Carmen around 15:00.

8:15 to 15:00

Cozumel Snorkeling

picture of Cozumel snorkeling with Scuba Libre

Situated in front of Playa del Carmen, Cozumel is a teardrop shaped island boasting beautiful shallow colorful reefs along the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.

Every day we depart from the dive center in Playa del Carmen to take the 9:00 ferry to the beautiful island of Cozumel. On arrival the boat will be ready and waiting to take us to the first of two snorkeling spots.
After that we will have a break on one of the beautiful beaches, whilst enjoying a light lunch. Then we will go to our second spot, a shallow reef where one can, many corals, an abundance of small reef fish and regularly the Splendid Toadfish. The Splendid Toadfish is always a high light due to the fact that the Cozumel reefs are the only reefs in the world to harbor this amazing animal.

Returning to the island of Cozumel we will take the 16:00 ferry to be back to the dive center at Playa del Carmen at 17:00.

8:00 to 17:00

Catamaran excursion to Isla Mujeres

picture Catamaran excursion with Scuba Libre

You will be picked up by van in the morning to drive to Cancun, where a large Trimaran will be waiting for you.

Get on board and make your way to Isla Mujeres, where you will enjoy some time snorkeling in the beautiful local marine park. From there you will be taken to the island to enjoy a mexican lunch buffet in a beautiful local restaurant and then get 1 hour of free time to explore the pretty Isla Mujeres.
After that you'll head back to Cancun on the Trimaran, where you can enjoy the amazing turquoise of the caribbean sea and top up with a tropical cocktail from the open bar made available to you.

From Cancun you will be then taken back to Playa del Carmen by van.

8:15 to 15:00

Swim with the Whale Sharks - Isla Holbox or Isla Contoy

picture of snorkeling with a Whale Shark, Scuba Libre

Swim with the gentle giants!!! In the months from June until mid September the currents of the Atlantic, the Mexican Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico mix to form the perfect environment for one of the worldÂ’s most amazing marine animal, the Whale Shark. This incredible snorkeling trip will provide you with the opportunity to swim with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and Dolphins.

Our day starts with an early morning departure. Leaving from Playa del Carmen we will head up north by van for approximately two and a half hours until reaching the coast from where we will venture out by boat on an approximately one and a half hour ride to the Whale Shark area, whilst enjoying coffee, croissant and the beautiful scenery. Depending on the direction the whale sharks are moving in, we'll be going direction Isla Holbox or Isla Contoy.

Upon arrival a short search will bring us to the first of many Whale Sharks and the first couple jumps into the experience of a lifetime. Once in the water you will come face to face with the seven to eighteen meter long Whale Sharks!!

To maintain the fragile natural environment, only one couple at a time is allowed to enter the water, minimizing stress to the animals and maximizing fun. Of course, you will be accompanied by a licensed and knowledgeable local guide. After having spent a morning with the Whale Sharks, we will make our way back, passing by dolphins, flamingoes and other marine life species. Once we reach our destination you will have time to relax and explore before a mexican lunch buffet. After lunch a van will be waiting to take you back to Playa del Carmen.

June until mid September - Daily
5:00 to 18:00
6:00 to 17:00